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Solucoes e productos de iluminacao LED em Maputo-Mocambique.

LED ceiling lights


led ceiling light,dubai,uae
LED ceiling light,UAE
LED showroom lighting,Dubai,UAE
LED ceiling light,UAE
LED ceiling lighting,UAE
LED ceiling light fixture,Dubai
LED panel lighting,Dubai,UAE
LED panel light,UAE

2017 Catalogue


Tecnoelectrica,lda offers a wide range of LED ceiling lights, from 1W up to 100W in LED ceiling and spot lights, LED lighting products are available

in top brands such as Osram, Light-tek and others, options are available from COB led chips to multiple single LED's in each module(SMD LED"S),depending on the requirement or the specific purpose of installation, LED ceiling lights and lamps are widely used for office, restaurants, shops. showrooms, beauty saloons, home decoration, shopping malls and others,


LED downlights


LED downlight,Dubai
LED downlight,UAE
LED downlight,Dubai,UAE
LED downlight fitting
Downlight LED UK
LED lighting Dubai
LED lighting in UAE
LED lighting Dubai

We offer an extensive range of LED donwlights,recessed and surface mounted,from 1W up to 100W LED donwlights,COB or SMD led models are av-

ilable,all inclusive os power supply and acessories,LED downlight have the advantage of a much longer life then the conventional lighting,ranging from 20000 hours up to 60000 hours depending on the brand and module,besides LED downlights save more 80% electricity comparing to conventio-

nal halogen lighting and 50% more savings compared to CFL lamps,Heat is considerably low and provides excellent brightness comparatively higher 

then the traditional lights and lamps,Maputo-Mozambique


LED strip and flexible lights


LED strip lighting,Dubai
LED strip lighting,UAE
LED strip lighting

Wide range of LED strip lights and lamps are available,more common models are: LED strip blue 3528,LED strip red 3528,LED strip yellow 3528,LED

strip green 3528,LED strip white 3528,LED strip white 5050,LED strip blue 5050,with more then 30 options of LED strips/flexible strips in our portfolio.

LED strip have multiple applications and are widely used for lighting decorations on the false ceiling,gypsum walls,cabinets,wardrobes,bed's,furniture decoration,boats and many other applications.LED strips supplied by Tecnoelectrica,lda carry a standard 3 year warranty,Light-tek brand,

and excellent brightness.


LED flood lights


LED flood lighting Dubai
LED flood light UAE
LED projector dubai
LED floodlight,Dubai,UAE
LED slim flood lighting Dubai
LED wall washer,Dubai

Tecnoelectrica,lda currently offers aproximetly 10 variations of LED flood lights,from the most common LED flood light,the LED Storma series to other with more slim and modern designs,for specific lighting applications,currently the LED flood light range extends up to 400W,LED flood lights are very effective and efficient,with energy savings up to 80% compared to conventional lighting,and the life span is considerably higher the the conventional lighting,with over 40000 to 50000 hours of life compared to 2000 hours for halogen lamps,10000 hours for metal halid and sodium vap-

or or 20000 hours for CFL lamps and bulbs-Maputo-mocambique.

LED chandelier


LED chandelier,Dubai,UAE
LED chandelier UAE
Modern pendant Dubai UAE
ring chandelier,dubai,UAE
Modern lighting-Dubai-UAE
contemporary chandeliers-dubai-uae

Tecnoelectrica,lda offers a unique and exclusive design of LED chandeliers and decorative light fittings,sole dealer for Light-tek products in

Mozambique and Africa,please visit Light-tek website for more information on LED chandeliers and decorative lighting,decorative lighting solutions for showrooms,shops,shopping malls,restaurants,supermarkets,home lighting decoration,office lighting decoration and others,LED 


LED lamps and bulbs


LED spot lamp GU10-dubai-uae
LED spot warmwhite-dubai-UAE
LED bulb-dubai
LED lamp-Dubai
LED R50 lamp-UAE
LED T8 tube-dubai-uae
LED spot 220v

Tecnoelectrica (Mocambique) Offers a wide range os LED lamps and bulbs,variouse brands and ranges of LED spot GU10 lamps,MR16 LED spot

lamps and bulbs,LED E27 bulb replacing the conventional halogen bulb,saving 80% electricity,LED E14 lamp for chandeliers,light fittings,LED G4

bulbs,LED rx7s lamps,LED G12 bulbs,LED flourescente tubes,warm white and cool white(3000k,4500K and 6500K) colour temperatures,LED G5

3 lamp,Full Halogen to LED lamps conversion range,Full Metal halid to LED conversion range,Full sodium vapor LED comversion range,For more

information regarding LED conversion project please email to or call 0097143962336 for direct assistance.Maputo,Mozambique.


LED outdoor light fittings

LED ground light
LED ground light-dubai
LED wall light-Dubai-uae
LED step light-Dubai-UAE
LED outdoor wall light-dubai
LED outdoor wall light-Dubai-UAE
LED garden light-Dubai

Tecnoelectrica,lda offers wide range of os LED outdoor lighting solutions, from LED flood lights, LED project lights, LED wall washer lights, LED 

LED wall recessed lights, LED step lights, LED ground lights, LED wall lights, LED bulkheads, LED street lighting, LED profiles, LED outdoor modules,

LED canopy light fittings, all LED outdoor products meet required IP67 protection standards and IK10 protection standard for the LED ground and 

in-ground LED lighting, this wide range of LED products covers multiple architectural  applications such as home garden decoration, shopping mall

boulevards, outdoor entertainment areas, garages, public parks, parking lots, industrial area and others in Maputo-Mozambique.

LED track light and acessories


LED track light-Dubai-UAE
LED track lighting-UAE
LED track light-dubai
LED lighting in dubai
LED supplier in Dubai
LED supplies in Dubai

Tecnoelectrica,lda provides full range of LED track lighting,LED spot track light,from 7W up to 50W white or black body  to choose from cool white 6500K or warm white 3500K,LED track lights are commonly used in restaurants,garment stores,furniture stores,supermarkets,farmacy,general stores,LED track lights have multiple architectural applications including art gallerys,museums and many other applications,LED track lights and 

LED spot track lights carry a standard 2 year warranty,50000 hour life time.LED track lights are also attractive due to low heat emission aproximetly

5% of the equivalent in halogen-Maputo-Mozambique



LED profiles and accessories


LED lighting in UAE
LED lighting supplies in UAE
LED lighting supplier in dubai
Lighting suppliers,dubai
Lighting in UAE
Lighting in Dubai
Lighting Dubai
Lighting UAE

Tecnoelectrica,lda offers a unique and exclusive range of LED profiles,LED profile is the latest solution for the architectural lighting market

wich is in lightening speed evolution,constantly demanding new solutions and designs,LED profiles and accessories brings the LEGO of lighting

to your hands,this extremely flexible and versatile product is available in variuose types and models,LED profile lighting consists of a aluminium 

profile,anodized with acessories to suit your requirements,PMMA profile cover can be white,clear or frosted and are heavy duty and resistante

to dust and water.the different LED profiles can be applicable to understair lighting,outdoor building designs,shelves,home decoration,restaura-

te decoration,wardrobes,false ceilings,normal ceilings,supermarkets.The aluminium LED profiles are available in diferent shapes and designs

and acessories like endcaps,covers,LED modules,LED strips are available to suit all your needs to create the perfect lighting design.LED profiles 

models are available for indoor lighting aplications and outdoor lighting applications.=Maputo-Mozambique.


Exclusive agent: (Mozambique)


More about Tecnoelectrica,lda (Mozambique)


Tecnoelectrica,lda e uma empresa lider em distribuicao,fornecimentos a grosso e retalho de material electrico e iluminacao em mocambique,A Tecnoelectrica,lda e uma empresa reputada e parceira de preferencia para forne

cimento e execucao de varios projectos de reputacao em Mocambique,de Maputo ao Rovuma,Seja revendedor,

grossista,instalador,industria,empresa privada ou individual,garantimos uma solucao completa em materiais electricos,geradors,iluminacao,assitencia tecnica,acima de tudo garantimos que a qualidade de primeira class a precos mais competitivos do mercado.



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